Can I trust the results SiteVet produces?

We are a leading name in the monitoring of websites, hosts and registrars for badness. SiteVet uses our own historically-based data gathered from our own trusted sources and comes with the same level of trustworthiness and reliability on which we have built our reputation.

What will I get when I enter a domain search?

There are different levels for different purposes:

  • Level 1: Free search that shows an overview of domain reputation and current blacklist status.
  • Level 2: This requires registration to SiteVet. Entry of a domain name at this level will produce an in-depth result including historical information on previous usage of the selected domain name or IP address.
  • Level 3: Paid report that shows extensive details - blacklist history, WHOIS history, IP and AS changes, specific infected files, specific exploit methods used.

Can I just check if a domain name has a known bad reputation?

Yes, just enter the domain name or IP address and search.

Who is SiteVet for?

Anyone who wants to simply check out a domain name or an IP address, or for those wanting more in-depth information and server analysis.

Who are SiteVet?

A team of internet security experts who are also actively involved with our sister sites HostExploit and RashBL, both of which are community-based projects available with the sole aim of revealing badness on the internet. Our purpose is to create a safe haven for users, whilst every effort is being made to clean up the internet.