About Us

SiteVet is an innovative and multi-faceted product based on information gathered from years of working in the internet security industry. With this background the SiteVet team identitied that potential buyers of a domain name had no way of "health-checking" sites for previous unethical use. Applying the same commitment as shown in our other security projects (HostExploit, Jart Armin, RBN Exploit), the team developed SiteVet to fill that gap.

SiteVet can uniquely provide historical data on domains, IP addresses, IP ranges and Autonomous Systems. It can be used before buying a domain to run a health check to see if it is already tainted. SiteVet is also intended for domain buyers who wish to find out if a site’s previous history is in-keeping with the industry it is to be used in. This will provide a guide to a site’s SEO advantages or disadvantages.