Welcome to SiteVet

SiteVet is a tool aimed at the security research and web development community, providing historical and current data on Domains, IPs, ASNs and Cnets across a wide range of blacklists.

This one-stop research tool provides information that will aid internet marketers, security researchers, web developers/masters, and all internet users, in choice of hosting, selection of domains and the security of servers and DNS systems.

SiteVet is in active development
This means that:
  • There may be a few glitches in the interface
  • New features will be added behind-the-scenes
  • Data is incomplete

A limited set of features are available on the public website. For further detail, please contact us.

What's new?
  • Some optimization - everything should be faster now
  • Domain data now semi-automated
  • AS data now updates daily at ~12:00 UTC
  • Graphs of previous HE Indexes are shown for ASes
  • AS PDFs are updated daily
What's coming soon?
  • Ability to search by host name - useful in cases where the host shares part of an AS
  • Quicker and broader updates for domains and IPs
  • PDFs for domains and IPs
  • Combine multiple search results into a single PDF